About Us

Buzaao is a national initiative for Fire Safety Industry for both commercial as well as residensial space. Our mission is to digitize the fire safety industry with innovative tech enabled services. Our offering consist of 3 major components.

1. Business to Business Procurement Platform : Here businesses operating in fire safety industry will be served, there are many inefficiencies in how these businesses operate, we want to enable them to run their business on our platform and help them in all aspects from discovery to delivery.

2. Service Provider Solutions : Service providers in the fire safety industry are faced with very challenging circumstances of their day to day operations and execution of their installation and maintenance orders. We are building a solution that empowers them to run their order fulfilment process with great efficiency and modernize their operations at the same time.

3. Consumers : The consumers of our service providers have to be able to know the latest updates on their fire safety equipments and their maintainability so that they can ensure safety of their premises, as consumers we want to cater individuals, businesses, housing societies and governments